One quick tidbit

April 3, 2008

I am loving David Archuletta of Idol this season. He is presh and humble not to mention a talent that will surely carry him into the finals. I have loved him since the beginning and always thought he seemed familiar. His cute closed mouth smile makes my soul sing and it was recently when I realized why.



this is….american idol! (the girls)

February 21, 2008

I’m always more passionate about the boys but this year there are a few girls I am way into.


Carly Smithson a.k.a. The Irish Gothic Princess. I have to like her for Margie, but I would anyways. She is awesome! Best vocal of the top 24 so says Randy. But she is getting over hyped I think.


Amanda Overmyer seems super neat and rocker-ish. I like her. But I wonder if she can sing a tender love song? I hope so.


I like this preshie one. I feel she could be a super neat singer/songwriter type. Carole King-ish.


She is too good! And her father died a few days before she auditioned, so there’s that.

Everyone else was pretty much a snoozer so who knows who’ll be going home. I think Amy Davis or Davies or whatever…she blew it.

this is….american idol!

February 20, 2008

It’s been awhile… But Idol brings out the secret and passionate blogger in me and seeing as tonight marks the first of the “real” performances, I figured I’d write a quick post. This season is sure to be a good one and I have some definite early faves… here they are for the boys. (girls tomorrow)



Are you joking me? This preshy angel touched a chord in this lady’s soul when he sang “Heaven” during Hollywood week. I cannot properly convey how much I love this song. Elliot Yamin also sang it two seasons ago and I didn’t think it could get better. But. It. So. Did. David is so adorable and he can sing. I didn’t absolutely love his performance tonight but I am still on a contact high from the “Heaven” performance, and that little smile is too much.


Get over it! This cutie pie caught my eye when he first auditioned in San Diego when he sang a soul tune. He’s a bit of a dreamboat + Australian accent + lives in Georgia = neat times for all involved. When he sang Bohemian Rhapsody during Hollywood week, he won me over. Tonight was awesome. And he could be a rockstar tomorrow is he wanted.



Seems neat and rocker-ish without trying too hard. Like his voice and I think he will do neat things to songs, like he did tonight with “Imagine Me and You.” He seems like a normal, likable dude. I am eager to see what he does…


Wow. I never saw him in the auditions or in Hollywood week. I really liked him tonight, good song choice and it seemed effortless. He could easily already be famous.


Luke Menard and Jason Yeager. Snoozeville.

Coney Island? Check!

October 17, 2007

Ant suggested an impromptu trip out to Coney Island during Labor Day Weekend. I jumped at the opportunity because a) I’ve never been and b) this may be the last year before it turns into condos and a mini-mall or some such nonsense. We had a blast hit all the usual hot spots like the Cyclone (kind of scary!), the Wonder Wheel and of course, Nathans. But the highlight was giving all of our tickets to a kid who looked a lot like Nicky, he was very excited.




Ant turns 32

October 17, 2007

It’s been awhile and I have some catching up to do. Anthony turned 32 recently and I baked him a cake (and bought this cute Martha Stewart cake stand from KMart to place it on).


One of his presents? Tickets to the Yankee game. So I have officially been to Yankee Stadium now.


Atlanta: a photo essay

August 12, 2007

A week in Atlanta.


Manhattan’s version of a beach…

July 5, 2007


For Jess’ birthday we made the journey out to Queens to visit this crazy place, Water Taxi Beach. It’s on the East River and has a beautiful view of the Manhattan sky line. It’s a huge clearing on the edge of the water with sand, picnic benches, volleyball, hot dogs and beer. What more could one ask for? Here’s Ant enjoying the sun and sand and looking extra cute. Oh, and even though it looks like they are with us, we don’t know those two randoms.

The Living Room, part 1 of 9

July 3, 2007

It has been taking awhile to get our living room all set. But recently, things have been happening and the wheels are in motion. Last week I finally finished painting Margie’s old bookshelves (a fun bright avocado green) and we got a very festive and colorful striped rug from C&B (on sale mind you). So things are coming together slowly; I have lots of plans and schemes and will reveal them here as they unfold. But for now; here’s a snippet of our living room. These are said booksehlves (still figuring out which knick knacks to display, and how to display them), you can also see a wee bit of the new carpet, the infamous TV stand and the JC Penny linen stoarge trunk thingy. Enjoy, stay tuned for more…


The Longest Walk

June 14, 2007

We did it! Well almost, we decided to head home after over 16 miles. Give us a break it was 4 AM! Blisters and broken legs aside; the walk was great. We took pictures along our journey although they are not our most flattering. Thanks to everyone who supported us!


At South Street Seaport before the walk began. We had no idea what we were in for. The necklaces were color coded based on why you were walking. Orange = lost a sibling. Blue = supporting the cause.


43rd Street and 6th Avenue.


78th Street and Columbus Avenue.


106th Street andAmsterdam Avenue.


Riverbank Park, 145th Street and the Hudson River.


Back down at 42nd Street and the West Side Highway. Just before heading home to fall asleep.

over the bridge

May 28, 2007

So, I’m able to cross off another one of my have-to-do-while-you-live-in-New York things. Sunday, Ant and I made the trek across the Brooklyn Bridge. The whole thing took about an hour and we think it was somewhere around 3 miles. We had planned to have dinner at Grimaldi’s and taste this legendary pizza, but the line was unbelievable so we took the subway home. It was a lovely night and the sun was setting so I got some pretty nice pics. The bridge does offer great Manhattan views. The only problem was all the tourists, who got in our way and just generally irritated us. But it was worth it to get another satisfying check on my NYC to do list. Stay tuned to see what we get into next.